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Search engine optimization tools, listing of various SEO tools which will help with your search engine optimisation efforts 

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SEO tools

| by www.akamarketing.com

Welcome to the SEO tools section of the site. This section is a completely new section and contains 11 (at the moment) scripts coded by me (David) in PHP to help with your search engine optimization efforts. The scripts have only just been developed and despite all the testing done on them there may still be small issues, if you find this to be the case with any of the tools, please add a comment to the tools page for me to check out. If you have any general comments in regards to these search engine optimisation tools overall or indeed suggestions for new tools please use the comment box on this page.

Link Popularity

Check link popularity on Google, Yahoo, MSN and Teoma. This tool can be used a number of ways, firstly you can check your websites (or your competitions) link popularity by entering your URL, secondly you can do the above while also checking the popularity of the top three positioned sites (as per Google) for your chosen keyphrase. This method of using this tool is useful for discovering how far off the top ranking sites you actually are. Finally you can opt not to check the link popularity of any particular URL but just the popularity of the top three ranking sites on Google for your chosen keyphrase.

Search Engine Rankings

Does exactly what it says on the tin really. This tool can be used to check your search engine positions on the major search engines and directories. The tool will retrieve positions for up to three URL's from your domain. Supported search engines include Google/AOL, Yahoo/Altavista/AlltheWeb/HotBot, MSN, Teoma/ASK and WiseNut. The search engines Altavista, Alltheweb and HotBot use Yahoo's index, AOL uses Google's index and ASK uses the Teoma index so the results will be the same 99.9% of times. All results are taken from the US indexes.

Anchor Text Checker

Discover what words people are using to link to your website or blog. Knowing this is very useful as it will enable you to know what keyphrases or variations of keyphrases you should use during your next few article marketing or reciprocal link campaigns. Remember an overly unnatural domainance of your main keyphrase can trigger alarm bells over at the GooglePlex. This is not surprisingly a server intensive script and thus I have experienced some timeouts with it in the past so please be patient and go open another firefox tab while your waiting. If you do experience timeouts or other issues please let me know.

PageRank Search

The PageRank Search tool was one of the first SEO tools I developed for this new section of the AKA Marketing.com site and I was well proud. Basically the tool can be used to run standard and advanced queries against the Google search index, the results of which can be viewed as standard (with PageRank) or in order of PageRank with the site with the highest PageRank always ranking 1st. A maximum of 50 results can be returned, the more results you request, the longer the script will take to execute.

PageRank Distribution

The PageRank Distribution tool can be used to see how PageRank is spread over the top 20 SERPS for queries against the Google search index. Enter up to three different but related queries in the boxes below and the generated line chart will allow you to compare the difficulty (in terms of PageRank) of achieving top rankings for these queries against each other. The chart opens in a new window.

Keyword Suggestions

Targeting the right keywords isn't exactly half the battle but it is a very important part of any search engine optimization campaign. This keyword suggestions tool uses information from the Overture and Google databases to help you get the right balance between choosing very popular keywords and choosing words with less competition. Remember there's no point in going for the hugely popular keywords if there's just too much competition to realistically stand a chance of ranking in the top 20.

Backlink Finder

The Backlink Finder tool can be used to find potential link exchange partners. We all know that Google has diminished the value of reciprocal links, that does not mean that they do not count though and every little helps. It is believed that Yahoo and MSN still treat all links the same regardless if they are reciprocal in nature or not and besides many people are getting creative and using what's known as three way reciprocal links to still get maximum benefit from Google.

Google Sitemap Generator

Very useful tool for generating XML sitemaps which are suitable for submittal to Google Sitemaps. These XML sitemaps list the pages in your site along with extra information relating to each page such as modified date, update frequency and last modified date. Google uses these XML sitemaps to better understand and thus better spider your site. Another great innovation from Google. Sitemaps made with this tool are completely customizable. Feedback is vital to the smooth running of this tool, so if you experience any problems please use the comment box below the tool interface.

Text Sitemap Generator

The Text Sitemap Generator tool can be used to make a plaintext (.txt) file which lists the URLs in your site one after another. After uploading this file to your webserver you can then submit the location of it to Yahoo. Use the Yahoo 'Submit Your Site' page located at http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request for this purpose. This should enable Yahoo to spider your site faster and more thoroughly. The sitemap filename has been called urllist.txt as Yahoo requires this.

HTML Sitemap Generator

The term 'sitemap' of course originally referred to standard issue HTML pages which listed all the pages in your site (well at least those pages which you wanted found) in a simple manner to enable search engines and indeed normal users find all your pages easily. HTML sitemaps are still very important to help users and search engines find their way around your site, Google sitemaps helps only with Google and there are plenty of others search engines out there. This tool allows you to create cutomized sitemaps which match the existing design of your website or blog.

Dynamic URL rewriter

The Dynamic URL Rewriter tool can be used to turn dymanic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Static URLs typically rank better in the search engines than long complex dynamic URLs with lots of complex parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they're also friendlier looking to the end user. This tool requires that your server software is Apache (sorry Microsoft IIS fans) and that the mod_rewrite module is enabled. Such as all Bamford’s wrist watches, these types of brand new hublot replica watches is going to be divisive. I will currently listen to naysayers weep, “As in the event that butchering the replica rolex isn’t poor sufficient, these types of wrist watches tend to be duplicating through classic Rolex wrist watches! ” They’ve a place, however the method cartier replica uk view it, it’s a means with regard to classic rolex replica sale proprietors to possess something which appears like a classic design through Rolex (as well as it is the audemars piguet replica sale beneath) that is freshened upward without having to be an entirely blacked-out Bamford.

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