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The PageRank search tool is used to run search queries on Google with results returned normally (with PR) or in PR order! 

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PageRank / PR Search Tool

| by www.akamarketing.com

The PageRank Search tool can be used to run standard and advanced queries against the Google search index, the results of which can be viewed as standard (with PageRank) or in order of PageRank with the site with the highest PageRank always ranking 1st. This tool works well in conjunction with our keyword selection / suggestions tool and our PR distribution tool for deciding which keywords to target. The PageRank of some pages may be unavailable due to complex query strings in their URLs, such pages will have their 'PR' marked as UA (unavailable).

When your using this tool please keep in mind that the more results you would like the longer the query will take. If you choose order by 'PageRank' all the results will be ordered by PageRank and not just the first ten. The tool is currently limited to 50 results due to maximum daily query allowances of the Google API, however I may allow users to enter their own API key in the future by implementing a user login system for the SEO tools section. Please use the comment box below if you have any feedback or suggestions for this tool, comments usually get approved within a day or two.

The results page will open in this window, but the results themselves will open in a new window.

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