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The PageRank distribution tool can be used to get a visual impression of how PageRank is spread over top 20 search results 

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PageRank Distribution

| by www.akamarketing.com

The PageRank Distribution tool can be used to see how PageRank is spread over the top 20 SERPS for queries against the Google search index. Enter up to three different but related queries in the boxes below and the generated line chart will allow you to compare the difficulty (in terms of PageRank) of achieving top rankings for these queries against each other.

If the chart indicates that the top ranking sites for any of the queries mostly have high PageRank then achieving top rankings yourself is likely to be much more difficult and thus you should optimize your pages for one of the other queries to begin with. Of course it could be the case that all queries have high PageRank results and in this case it might be best to try again with a different set of queries.

Please use the comment box below if you have any feedback or suggestions for this tool.
The Line chart will open in a new window.

1st Search Query:
2nd Search Query
3rd Search Query

The example below represents the results of some very competitive phrases where most of the high ranking sites have a PageRank of 5 or above. If you see a dramatic drop down to PR 0, it's most likely the case that a redirect of some sort is making the real PR inaccessible and thus PR 0 is shown.

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