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This Keyword selection tool uses information from Overture & Google to help you determine which keywords to target. 

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Keyword Suggestions

| by www.akamarketing.com

The Keyword selector / suggestions tool can be used to get suggestions for keywords and keyphrases which you might want to target as part of your search engine optimization efforts. The tool queries the Overture database (US Market) to retrieve search counts of the entered keyphrase and related keyphrases for the previous calendar month.

The tool also provides an idea of how competitive the keyphrase is on Google by providing the number of results which Google returns for that keyphrase. Extremely competitive terms such as 'internet marketing' are currently returning around 250 million matching webpages, whereas the keyphrase 'internet marketing ireland' currently returns just under 10 million results. Obviously top rankings for the latter term are much more achievable, the idea then is to find a balance between the popularity of a keyphrase and the perceived difficulty of achieving top rankings for that keyphrase as taken from the number of competing webpages found on Google.

To drill-down into more detail click the keyphrases on the left, to view the actual Google results for keyphrases click on the figures to the right. The Google results pages will open in a new window. A maximum of 15 keyphrases will be returned. Please use the comment box below if you have any feedback or suggestions for this tool.

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