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Backlink finder tool. This useful tool can be used find potential reciprocal link partners for your website or web blog 

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Backlink Finder

| by www.akamarketing.com

The Backlink Finder tool can be used to find potential link exchange partners. We all know that Google has diminished the value of reciprocal links, that does not mean that they do not count though and every little helps. It is believed that Yahoo and MSN still treat all links the same regardless if they are reciprocal in nature or not.

Enter your main keyphrase in the field below and the tool will retrieve up to 500 unique URL's which are related to your keyphrase and contain the words such as 'submit url', 'add link', 'submit link' etc. in their URL's and on their pages. Most of the results should be potential backlinks.

The results will be returned with the URL on the left and the associated title on the right. Terms from your keyphrase will be bolded in the title listings and the following words will be highlighted in red in the title listings: 'submit', 'add', 'link' and 'URL'. The URL's will open in a new window. Feedback on the quality of your results is vital, please use the comment box below for this purpose. Not really everybody desires to take months-long pursuit of their own grail classic cartier replica, as well as We believe actually less nevertheless may wish to offer with the replica rolex encircling authenticity as well as mechanised dependability. The bottom line is, these types of brand new Rolex Replica UK wed the very best from the aged and also the brand new replica watches sale, providing classic Rolex enthusiasts the opportunity to personal the vintage-looking replica watches without having the aggrevations encircling classic wrist watches.

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