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Anchor text checker tool. Find out what link text other webmasters are using to link to your (or your competitors) website 

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Anchor Text Checker

| by www.akamarketing.com

The Anchor Text Checker tool can be used to get an idea of the anchor text which webmasters have used to link to your domain (homepage and subpages). It works by retrieving up to 250 URL's which link to pages at your domain according to MSN. I have chosen to use MSN data as the MSN API is very accurate (almost 100% match with MSN.COM) and it allows for a whooping 10,000 queries per application as opposed to a 1,000 overall limit per day with the Google API. Generally speaking links indexed by one engine will be indexed by the other too.

Simply enter your URL in the field below and press 'Get Anchor Text', doing this will analyse the first 250 URL's in general returned by MSN for anchor text, however most of us know that nowadays it's not only the anchor text that is important but also the topic of the linking page itself so optionally you can restrict the anchor text checker to only analyse pages which link to you which are related to a specific topic by putting your main keyphrase in the field below.

If you use the keyphrase field ideally you will want a good amount of your anchor texts to match up or be related to that keyphrase for maximum effect, particularly on Google. If this is not the case you should over the next few months work on increasing the number of matches/close matches between the keyphrase entered and the anchor texts returned by this tool.

The results will be returned with the URL on the left and the anchor text on the right. This tool should be able to extract 90% of anchor texts, some anchor text will not be found due to a number of reasons such as complicated link format, the link has been removed or the connection to the linking page timed out. Please be patient with this tool, results often take 9/10 minutes to return. Feedback on the quality of your results is vital, please use the comment box below for this purpose.

Not connected : No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.